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With a pronounced acidity and strong body, Caturra-Timor stands out thanks to its citrus fragrance and notes of sugar cane.

A varietal was developed by the Colombian coffee research institute, CENICAFE, to prevent the spread of La Roya, a fungus that attacks the leaves of coffee trees. This was the first Caturra–Timor hybrid developed in Colombia. Created through cross-fertilisation between Caturra (the female parent) and a hybrid of Timor (the male parent), its thick leaves enable it to withstand the disease.

The trees are characteristically small, though slightly taller than Caturras, featuring long branches, big leaves and large beans.

Caturra-Timor - Wholesale

  • Product Info

    Farmer: Kurumukis Community

    Farm: El Cerrito

    Location: Nabusimake, Sierra Nevada

    Altitude:  1600 - 2000 mts

    Quality Grading:  85/100 points

    Process: Washed

    Tasting notes: Sweet, dark chocolate, low citric, floral.


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