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As you might know, normal coffee cherries turn bright red in colour when they become ripe, but this rare varietal actually turns yellow! Another 'rare' varietal, Yellow Caturra (a.k.a. Carturra Amarillo) features a brighter citrus acidity - almost lime-like - but still sports Caturra's typical cacao notes.


It's what we'd describe as a 'funky coffee' - following the new acidity trend in the capital city, a typical London hipster would love this varietal thanks to its unique citrus flavour.

Yellow Caturra - Wholesale

  • Product Info

    Farmer: Dielber Viana

    Farm: La Florentina

    Location: Pacarni, Huila

    Altitude:  1750 mts

    Quality Grading:  85/100 points

    Process: Washed

    Tasting notes: Grapefruit acidity with buttery finish surrounded by a strong body.

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