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Rare and unique, Borbón Rosé is one of the most sought after coffees in the speciality coffee scene. It is one of the first branches in the coffee family tree. This micro-lot shows a delicate apple acidity and sweet melon finish with the usual cacao notes of any Borbón. It is the most expensive coffee we have ever sold: at an auction in 2016, it went for £108 per kg!


We regard Borbón Rosé as a “rare” variety as the fruit on the tree never goes red, but instead pink. This rare condition creates an intense and delicate acidity, sometimes with notes of apple or papaya. Very few farmers manage to produce a large quantity but when they do it is a harvest to remember!

Borbon Rosado

  • Product Info

    Farmer: Mora Ortega Family

    Farm: Villa Pastora

    Location: Palestina, Huila

    Altitude: 1700 - 1750 mts

    Quality Grading: 86.00 points

    Process: Natural

    Tasting notes: Plum, red berries, dark chocolate & cacao.

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